Elati – Pertouli

The stuff of fairytales

Endless forests, trickling mountain streams, valleys, meadows and warm hospitality.

Nature sets the scene for fairytale fantasy in and around the famed double act of Elati and Pertouli. In a verdant landscape, spring waters rise from ravines and gambol down pistes as freshwater rivers, in turn adorned by finely crafted stone bridges, the pride of local artisans. All your needs have been taken care of by the residents with their well-kept guesthouses, traditional taverns and the numerous activities they have laid on to allow you to make the most of the great outdoors. With a distinctly Alpine feel, who can resist the romance in this wonderful getaway?


“Elati” comes from the Greek word for “fir”. So it really is all in the name! The village spreads out in the shade of Mt Koziakas, embraced on all sides by the eponymous trees. And as if inspired by its own green guardians, Elati “embraces” you as an honoured guest. The smell of the meat masterfully grilled in the taverns merges with that of the burnt wood from the hearths to make an intoxicating aroma. Then, when it’s time to eat, all those tasty local delicacies go down even better with a snowy landscape on display and perhaps a hot chocolate to follow in the welcoming lounge or comfortable bedroom of one its luxury guesthouses.

Only a few kilometers separate you and the ski centre of Pertouli, which boasts pistes for beginners as well as advanced skiers, well-equipped and staffed skiing schools and the irresistible promise of great fun and action amongst all that fluffy white stuff.

The meadows of Pertouli make for a pleasant surprise; little glades with meandering ravines breaking up the clusters of fir. Cows and horses graze contentedly there and frolicsome deer and roe play hide and seek amongst the trees. Needless to say, riding on horseback through this enchanting scene is a very special experience.

Nature lovers who want to camp out in the forest usually home in on the picturesque Agia Kyriaki, for which there is very good reason.


Pertouli welcomes you at an altitude of 1090m. Scene-stealing stone houses with red roofs are ranged along the mountain slope, all surrounded by dense forests with running waters creating seasonal lakes. This is the idyllic, storybook landscape you will gaze out at from your delightfully authentic guesthouse.

Double up on fairytale fantasy in Elati and Pertouli.